Deposit Methods


After searching to find the casino or sportsbook that's right for you, the next step to becoming an online gambler is funding your account. In this section, we'll discuss the various types of banking methods, their basic procedures, and the steps you need to take to safely and efficiently establish your online bankroll.

While individual casinos, sportsbooks and other types of betting sites each have their own specific banking methods they all utilize many of the same resources.

NETeller is an online money transfer service that you can use to deposit funds to your casino account. Opening a NETeller account is like using an "online wallet".

You can deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds to any merchants that support NETeller Online Payments.

Usually there are no fees associated with depositing or withdrawing funds to or from your casino account with NETeller. Check with your casino for details.

The PrePaidATM card is the only ATM card that is not tied to a bank and is probably the fastest growing payment method used in online gambling today.

Basically, PrepaidATM allows you to transfer money online securely and get access to your funds through an ATM card. You have safe and instant access to your funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

The card can be used on all 6 major worldwide ATM networks and can be funded by Mastercard, ACH, Paypal, Visa, Bank Wire, ACH or Western Union.

There are two different kinds of card - the 'Physical Card' and the 'Virtual Card'.

The Virtual Card provides the ability to shop online and can be used to transfer funds to other Prepaid ATM cardholders in seconds, while the Physical Card can be used at thousands of retail locations nationwide or wherever debit cards are accepted.

Once money has been transferred to you, you can receive your funds at thousands of ATM machines worldwide.

The minimum transfer fee is $1.50 or 3% of the amount transferred. The maximum transfer fee is $75.

A big attraction for online casinos is that the PrePaid ATM card is the only card with virtually zero fraud, zero charge backs, zero reserves and zero up front fees. The card is available only to US citizens at the present time.

Wire Transfer
A bank Wire Transfer (also known as a TT - a telegraphic transfer) might be the most convenient way for you to deposit money. A Wire Transfer is an electronic bank transfer from your bank account directly to your casino purse, which is managed by your casino's banking system. Hence, you do not need a credit card to transfer funds.

But with Wire Transfer, you usually need to FAX or e-mail the casino a form that will allow them to request a wire transfer on your behalf. They make the request of your bank and you must then give your bank authorization to wire the money. This typically takes quite a bit longer because of the extra processing times required.

Some casinos offer a bonus to encourage you to choose this method of payment. A 10% bonus is not uncommon.

Credit Cards
Credit/Debit Card is one of the quickest purchase methods at most online casinos. Almost all casinos accept both International Visa and MasterCard.

Approved transactions are automatically credited to your account and you can usually begin playing immediately.

Some casinos enforce a monthly purchase limit on each registered card but also usually allow up to three cards per player.

Purchase limits and the number of credit cards allowed per player may be increased at the discretion of the Casino Management.

900 Pay - from Navaho Network
900 Pay is a widely accepted alternative payment methods where you purchase online and have the costs of the purchase added to your phone bill.

More and more online casinos accept purchases through 900 Pay because it is easy, you are not even required to register for the service. All you need is an internet connection and a home telephone.

To purchase from one of the casinos all you have to do is click on the 900 Pay button in the cashier area of the casino software and the cost of the purchase will be added to your telephone bill.

Click2Pay is a new payment method which enables you to pay easily and safely on the internet. Because of the ease of use many casinos have added Click 2 Pay to their list of preferred banking methods.

ECO Card
ECO Card is an alternative payment method aimed at the European market. More and more online casinos accept purchases made with ECO Card as they are targeting the European players.

When you set up an account with ECO Card you are not asked for a credit card. You can fund your account through a vast network of European banks. You can select a variety of currencies (US Dollar, British Pound, Euro etc.) Once you have opened your account you can deposit funds into your account by filling in a deposit order form and taking it to your bank to deposit the funds.

FirePay boasts to be the internet's fastest growing payment method. We have checked out many casinos and indeed almost every online casino accepts purchases through FirePay.

Opening an account with FirePay is as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do fill in the FirePay sign up form, validate your bank account and fund your account.