Here are some of the more popular questions when it comes to online gambling.

Why should you gamble online?
You don't have to, but the privelage of gambling in your own home at your own pace is simply awesome.

How do I pay the casino - which options do I have?
Casinos offer a variety of payment options. Please see our depositing methods section here

How do a player collect the winnings?
There are variety of ways to collect your winnings from the casinos. It often depends on how you deposited money into your account. You usually find it in the 'cashier' or 'bank' section of the software. There will often be a cash out or withdraw button.

Do I have to download the software everytime I need to play?
Once you have downloaded the software you can place a shortcut on your desktop. Casinos usually give you an initial download called the "basic package" with 5 or 6 games. Did the game not come in the initial download you wanted to play. Then just click on the game you want and it downloads the game in the background.

Why do casinos give money away?
Because all casinos doing it they need to compete with each other and give the player significant bonuses. They even offer "no deposit bonuses" where they give players free money to try the casino.